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Fashion Arts Media


Gilded Magazine

Issue 17



BCS designs featured on the cover of Gilded magazine and showcased over a 4 page spread.


Photography by Lillian Liu Photography

Modeling by Joni Kim

 Makeup by Jasmin Leung

MUAH: Alecia Repp

Designer: The Bitch Can Stitch


Surreal Beauty Magazine

Issue 326



BCS designs featured in April's issue of Surreal Beauty Magazine over a 6 page spread.


Photography by Sarah Bowman Photography

Modeling by Sofia Gobbato

 Makeup by Jasmin Leung

Designer: The Bitch Can Stitch


Gothesque Magazine

March 2016


BCS designs featured in the March issue of Surreal Beauty Magazine.


Photography: Dayna Weststeyn & Tor Erickson
MUA: Nouf Rawi - Makeup
Model: Madison Rice
Wardrobe: The Bitch Can Stitch


Obscurae Magazine

Oct 2015


BCS designs featured in October's issue of Obscurae Magazine.


Photography by Lillian Liu Photography

Modeling by Gingergirlie & Lizbit

Jewelry by Carolyn Bruce Designs 
Makeup by Cin Wu

Surreal Beauty Magzine

Sept 2015


BCS designs featured in September's issue of Surreal Beauty Magazine.


Photography by Gerry Rousseau

Modeling by Carla Ruiz

 Makeup by Jasmin Leung


Gilded Magazine

Issue 4.1

July 2015


Sofia Marie Photography and designs featured over a 6 page spread in the ''Antiquity'' issue of Gilded Magazine. Photography/designs by The Bitch Can Stitch, H/MU/Modeling by Miss Morgane and Littlebit Lizbit.

Location: Antique Market Vancouver

Most Magazine

May 2015


The Bitch Can Stitch models her own designs for photographer Nikki Harrison over a 9 page spread, in the fashion edition of  'Most Magazine.'

MUAH: Jenn Vautor

Giuseppina Magazine

Issue 27

April 2015


BCS photography and designs featured over a 6 page spread and on the front cover of Issue 27 of Giuseppina Magazine. Photography/designs by The Bitch Can Stitch, Modeling by Michelle Booy, MUAH Ashley Burgis.

Ju&Jules Magazine

March 2015


BCS designs featured in the 2nd issue of Ju&Jules magazine. Photography by Kate Roberge Photography, accessories and designs by The Bitch Can Stitch, Modeling by Navi Rai, Hair/MU by Doluxe Beauty.

Gothesque Magazine

Issue 22 Volume 1

March 2015


BCS photography and designs featured over a 6 page spread, with full page interview. Photography/designs by The Bitch Can Stitch, Modeling by Caara Kittons, Hair/MU by Ashley Burgis.

Gothesque Magazine

Issue 22 Volume 2

March 2015


BCS designs featured over a 6 page spread in Gothesque magazine's "Royal" themed issue. 

Photos by Anna Krasnova, modeling by Siena Hutton, hair/MU by Badila Beauty, wardrobe created by The Bitch Can Stitch.

Art Katalyst Magazine

December 2014


Designs featured in the December issue of Art Katalyst Magazine. Photography by Tara Lundrigan, Modeling by Poppy Del.


Klo Portfolio's

Customer Stories

July 2014


Klo Portfolios makes rad custom portfolio books for creatives and professionals. Fashion Designer Sofia Gobbato talks about the creative process and her experience with Klo Portfolios and building her own fashion design portfolio book.



CBC Interview for the

 'Live Well For Less' Series

May 2014


CBC reporter Elaine Chau speaks with Sofia Gobbato about the different ways to live well on less money in Vancouver. 



The 'Live Well For Less'

Video Series

May 2014


Sofia Gobbato partners with Vancouver Commnity College to create the 'Live Well For Less' video series. A set of online videos that highlight different ways to customize your wardrobe, without breaking the bank.



Sofia Maria Gobbato

Collection Teaser

Feb 2014


Teaser video for Sofia Maria Gobbato's historically inspired Romantic Era collection.



Heading Down the Runway, One Stitch at a Time


Jan 2014


Sofia Gobbato's  personal interview with Bronwyn Scott of Surrey604.


Gabriel Levy Scholarship

Dec 2013


Sofia Gobbato's  interview with Vancouver Community College in regards to the Gabriel Levy Scholarship of scholastic excellence. 


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