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our tailored filter masks are breathable, comfortable, and stylish.

They're made from 100% cotton, have built in wire for sculpting around the nose, and adjustable elastic at the sides of the mask, allowing you to cinch the fabric to prevent any gaps!

The permanent built-in filter is waterproof and made from a non woven melt blown material.

Hand wash and hang dry. Steam 1" away from fabric to sanitize. 

Do not iron on a setting higher than 'SILK' 

as this will damage the permanent filter.

adult masks - $30 each

child's masks-$25 each

free shipping

*Free shipping is within Canada only and does not include tracking and insurance. Worldwide shipping rates and alternative shipping methods are available upon request.

Gallery of Available Fabrics

How to order...

Complete the form below with your complete address, the name of your fabric selection (click on the gallery images above to see fabric names), and your preference of men's, women's or children's size.

(There are two sizes of children's masks.  

3 - 6 years old, and 7 - 10 years old).

Once submitted, send an e-transfer to to complete your order. ($30 per adult mask, and $25 per child's mask

Your order will be placed when payment is received.

All masks are made to order. Your order will be created and mailed within one week of payment.

*Free shipping does not include tracking and insurance

Place Your Order

Thanks for submitting! Please send e-tranfer to to complete your order

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