Vinyl Printing

Our custom vinyl printing process produces detailed imagery that will make your logo/artwork pop!  

Our die cutting machine  can cut unique and intricate shapes out of window cling vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and even leather! Below we've highlighted a list of FAQ's to help you plan your next cut file project.

If you have additional questions or would like a free quote, please contact us directly at


How does it work?


You provide us with a clean crisp image that you want turned into a cut file. A high resolution JPG file (at least 250 DPI) is best.

We digitize it, recreating the image to become readable
as a cut file, and then proceed to cut the image out of heat transfer vinyl, cling vinyl, or leather.

What are my medium options?

Your design can be cut out of cling vinyl (suitable for windows, water bottles, mirrors, etc.) heat transfer vinyl (suitable for garments and any type of fabric application), or leather. We stock a variety of colours and can facilitate any
special requests. (Metallics, matte colours, etc.)


How much does it cost?

The digitizing cost is dependent on the complexity of your design, and the cut out cost is dependent on the medium that we are cutting.

Do you have a minimum
quantity order?

Nope, we do it all! But small runs may incur a 'small run fee'.

Are you film friendly?

You bet. As an IATSE 891 member I understand the urgency of your cut file needs firsthand. Let's talk about designs for your production whether it's for cast or a crew gift!

I have an idea for a cut file...
but don't have a physical design.

Can I get design help?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your cut file dreams with us and we'll come up with a design that is 100% true to your vision. 

Anything else? 

If you have any other questions, or would like a free quote, drop me a line or email at